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Come check out what we got at ConQuesT 44!

(from left to right) Kinsy, Dolemite, Lokatesla, Redd The Cat, & some kick-ass Klingons!


Moira Prefecture

Located inside the
ISV Karoshi(カロシ)

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Incognito Cinema Warriors XP
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First ‘official’ statement from the #OccupyWallStreet movement
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Below are the games shown at conventions!

You can find these games plus more on Lt. Cmdr. Einstein’s Tek page.

More games and beta tests (including Naka 2011 demos) are available at www.moiraprefecture.com/u3d

Wait! Don’t miss out on the latest single from Moira Prefecture’s singing sensation Yumi Nooki!

Download the free Just Cramps MP3 ad read the lyrics here!

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